My name is Dermot Day. I live in Dublin, Ireland and I’m married and have 2 young children.

I have worked across multiple sectors including manufacturing within U.S Multinationals, Banking, Catering, Media and Consulting with small business owners in Dublin. I have a passion for doing the right things in the right way. My perfect job is anywhere where people are given the freedom to share knowledge and experiences. I believe that there are enough skills in any organisation to continuously improve the business processes and performance. It is a matter of tapping this potential and enabling it to have a voice.

Health and nutrition are very important to me and my family. I believe that healthy eating leads to a health body and mind. It enables us to learn quicker and work harder. Myself and my wife cook everything fresh and love seeing our kids trying out new dishes (and get involved in making them) as opposed to ripping open a microwave dinner and then washing it down with a sugary drink (not good).

I will be writing on topics of business and food as I believe they compliment each other. After all, a healthy body and mind can keep you focussed and increase your stamina in any business venture. Please feel free to share and comment on my blogs and dare I say contribute too.

Stay fit and stay focussed.



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