About me


My name is Dermot Day and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m married with 2 young kids and work as a business consultant. I am also as a part-time student in Digital Marketing with the National College of Ireland.

I have worked in manufacturing, banking, the food industry, media, the non-profit sector and, as mentioned above, consulting. I am passionate about finding out what the best people do in business, their habits, standards and of course, best practices. What i find, I will share in a way that I hope is engaging.

Most of the best leaders in business subscribe to the fact that diet and exercise can keep you at the top of your game. Good health keeps your mind and body focussed on what’s important and enables you to compete at the highest level.

Myself and my wife love cooking and getting our kids to try out new recipes, juices and take part in constructing their own menus. We believe that if they get involved with the whole cooking process early in life, it will stay with them for life. I will be writing articles on both business and healthy eating.

I hope you find them interesting and I invite collaboration, feedback and opinions.



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