Let the Blogging begin

Hi all,

My name is Dermot Day and I am starting out in the world of blogging. I have worked as a business manager for nearly 20 years, worked as a Chef in my early years and even performed stage acting, stand up comedy and hosted my own current affairs radio show.

While some of my blogs shall be certainly focussed on business matters, I will also be writing on matters of personal development, health, comedy, creativity and even cooking. After all, we are not defined by our working titles, but instead,  the sum of our past experiences, our current situation and our future hopes and dreams. Finding a balance can be the key to a more fulfilled and happy existence.

The ability to write is something that we learn in school and we could be forgiven for taking it for granted ever since. Some of us are exposed to writing reports in our jobs, some of us go to college and have to complete assignments, projects, reflective writing papers and dissertations. Surely after some (or all) of these experiences, we would be very comfortable writing a simple blog.

Well, the answer to that is a resounding NO. For me, writing a blog is much more than an opinion, a college assignment or a business report that is needed by a set deadline. Instead, it represents a written log of where I find passion, growth, interest and love in my life. It is indicative of what I believe, of what has shaped my life, and of the influence others have had on that life.

I hope my blogs are a worthy read and if they are not, may they at least be regular and improving slightly with time. I look forward to comments, views and making new friends within the blogging community. I have no doubt I will learn a lot from you all and hope I can share something worthwhile in return.

And so, with eyes wide open, let the blogging begin.



3 thoughts on “Let the Blogging begin

    1. Yeah no problem. Any questions just ask. I completed a bachelors degree in business and entrepreneurship last year so most of the startup stuff is still fresh in the head. My brain is at your disposal 🙂


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